The Gluten Free Museum

The Gluten Free Museum on Tumblr What painting would you adapt?

Once Upon a Time…Comet Landing

Check out this sweet animation from the European Space Agency “Once upon a time… comet landing” and discover their other animations about this great mission. Rosetta and Philae were ready … Read More

Citizen Science Project – Science Gossip

Do you love nature? enjoy getting involved in citizen science projects from the comfort of your own home? Then get involved with Science Gossip and help them discover more about … Read More

What Colour is the Universe?

Apparently it’s Cosmic Latte – or beige to you and me – yes that is a picture of it although on some computers you may struggle to tell the difference … Read More

What is the Overview Effect?

The Overview Effect is the sensation astronauts have when they look at the beautiful and fragile earth as a whole from space. Now you can get a bird’s eye view … Read More

Schrödinger’s Cat

So what is Schrödinger’s Cat and why is it in a box? Discover more about this quantum theory paradox with a 60 Second Adventure in Thought from the Open University. … Read More

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