3D Hologram Smartphone Projector

Got an old stack of plastic CD cases?  Looking for something magical to do this summer?  Try creating a 3D hologram smartphone projector courtesy of Mrwhosetheboss.  While not a true … Read More

The Heart of Pluto – or Woof, is it Pluto?

Congratulations to NASA and the New Horizons team.  Yesterday,  Tuesday, July 14,  New Horizons sped past Pluto at 30,800 miles per hour (49,600 kilometers per hour). It was then incommunicado … Read More

Countdown to Pluto

The NASA New Horizons spacecraft is about to make its closest approach to the icy dwarf planet Pluto and its moons July 14th at 12.49.57 B.S.T.   Catch all the latest … Read More

Museums at Night May 13th -16th 2015

Did you watch “Night at the Museum 2”? Ever wish you could catch a bit of culture in the evening when you’re not at school or work? Well the great … Read More

The Dark Side of the Moon

What’s it like on the Dark Side of the Moon? Check out this great NASA simulation.

Maps – myth or fantasy?

Nowadays we take the use of maps in our fiction and online games for granted, after all how would Ash ever find his way round the Regions in Pokemon without … Read More

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