Congratulations Juno!

Juno has made it safely to Jupiter and begun orbiting the giant planet after an epic five year journey. This is an amazing achievement from NASA – with a little … Read More

Win Tickets to The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures

  Lectures from the Royal Institution are a classic part of Christmas. This year Kevin Fong is lecturing on the theme of Space.   If you have ever wanted to … Read More

Daleks sing Gilbert and Sullivan

Any Dr Who fans out there?   Any fans of Gilbert and Sullivan?   Put them together and you get an incredibly funny video that Young Thinkers Guild just had … Read More

The Never Ending Slinky

So you’ve bought your Slinky and sent it down your stairs a few times – what next?   How about building a slinky escalator for a never ending slinky stair.  This … Read More

Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 2015 – How to Survive in Space

Each year the Royal Institution broadcasts the Christmas Science Lectures. In December 2015 Tim Peake will become the first Briton in space for more than 20 years.  As he settles … Read More

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