Science Writing – What Inspires You?

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Which science and popular science books inspire you? Celebrate 30 years of the Royal Society’s Science Books Prize; vote from a selection of books or nominate the book you think … Read More

It’s British Science Week

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It’s British Science Week – 10th-19th March (Ok you can do the maths, it’s really British Science 10 days but it doesn’t quite have the same ring about it!).  All … Read More

TRAPPIST-1 – Is There Life Out There?

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Our Celestial Buddy Earth is jumping for joy. (Celestial Buddies)  NASA has located seven exoplanets orbiting one single star, 40 light years away, and all of them are about the … Read More

Backyard Worlds – Finding Planet 9

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NASA needs the help of Citizen Scientists. It has created a new website called Backyard Worlds: Planet 9 and is asking for the public’s help to search for new worlds … Read More

Into Film: Into Space & Home Film Competition

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Can you create a 3 minute film by 31st January 2017? Into Film Awards are running a competition for children aged 5-19 to create a space-inspired short film or gif. … Read More

Congratulations Juno!

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Juno has made it safely to Jupiter and begun orbiting the giant planet after an epic five year journey. This is an amazing achievement from NASA – with a little … Read More

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