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Stikbot Dinos are Here!

So you’ve had your fix of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.  You’ve fallen in love with Blue again and now you have to wait until 2021 for the last part of the trilogy… or do you?  Why not create your own Jurassic World animation?

Easy-to-pose Stikbot Dinos with suction cup feet are now available. Three brightly coloured Mega dinosaurs – Stik-Carnotaurus, Stik-Brontosaurus and Stik-T- Rex, and a whole host (well 24 types anyway) of mini Pocket Money Dinosaurs in collectible eggs add up to a fantastic cast for your own video.

Download the Free Stikbot mobile app https://stikbot.toys/app/  onto your iPhone or Android phone and watch the fun tutorials.  The award-winning stop frame animation software runs at 10 frames per second instead of the normal 24, making it really easy to create great animations.

If you want to expand your cast, how about adding a few Stikbot figures? Then there are the Stikbot Safari animals – how would a rhino fare against the horned Carnotaurus?  Or perhaps in a totally different take T-Rex might decide to adopt a Stikbot cat – after all they are rather cute!

Want to add green screen effects? our Stikbot Studio is there to help. Perhaps the king of the dinosaurs, T-Rex needs his own castle set? Or a Brontosaurus makes a good pirate?   It’s up to you how crazy your stories become!

Share your animations using #Stikbot and subscribe to Stikbot Central on YouTube to join the Stikbot craze

Watch this great Stikbot Dino Unboxing to see all the types you could find in the Dino Eggs.






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