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Worry Eater Kid – Lotti


“Hi, I'm Lotti. The only thing I love more than flowers is taking away your worries”

Lotti is a Worry-Eater kid – part of the award winning family of soft plush toys, based on Gerd Hahn's animation series.

Unzip Lotti's mouth and feed her your worries and nightmares

“Yum , Yum, I love them!”

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Worry Eaters are here to help.

Lotti is part of the Sorgenfresser family. Worried about school or exams, don’t want to visit the doctor or dentist, hate the monster under the bed? Let Lotti eat your worries and nightmares; but don’t forget she needs a balanced diet of plenty of cuddles as well!

Children have fears and anxieties that they don’t always share with their parents or teachers. Now they can whisper their worries, write or draw their troubles and feed them into Lotti’s unzipped mouth. Lotti shares the notes with their parents or teacher so that they can talk about them together.  Being one of the Worry Eater Kids, Lotti is slightly smaller than some of her brothers and sisters, 22cm long, which makes her perfect to carry around.

Based on the Gerd Hahn animation from Germany, These wonderfully soft plush toys, by Schmidt, are great for comfort and reassurance.

SILVER medal winner – Best Soft Toy – Independent Toy Awards 2015

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Weight 59 g
Dimensions 22 × 4.5 × 13.5 cm


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