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Rory’s Story Cubes – Mix – Clues


Question: Give us a clue – crack the crime – What can you detect with 9 dice and limitless imagination?

Answer: a fast and fun storytelling game.

What Cubiverse will You Create?

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Add the 3 Mix Clues with other Rory’s Story Cubes to a total of 9 dice, check out the face-up pictograms and connect them with some fantastic storytelling. Use story cubes as an icebreaker at a party or to kick-start your child’s imagination (and yours!). What a tale you can tell, or write, or draw, with this fun, non-competitive game for all ages.

Just add limitless imagination.

The Cubiverse is yours!


Check out Rory’s StoryCube Website for different ways to play https://www.storycubes.com/play

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Weight 46 g
Dimensions 7 × 2.8 × 15.1 cm


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