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Papo – Tiger


Enjoy creative, imaginative play with Papo’s highly detailed tiger.

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Every tiger is unique – no two tigers have the same pattern of stripes. They are the largest wildcats in the world, run at up to 65km/h and you can hear them roar up to 3km away; however their numbers are in major decline. Explore the world of tigers with Papo figures.

Develop your imagination and creative play with Papo’s highly detailed and designed model figurines. Fascinating realms of fantasy, enchanted, pirate or mediaeval kingdoms await. Maybe you would prefer to play at home with horses, dogs, cats and farmyard friends; go on safari to wild animal kingdoms or on undersea adventures with marine life…and then there are the dinosaurs! Which world will you visit?

Realistic and hand painted, these plastic figures conform to international safety standards.

  • Model No.: 50004
  • Category:   Wild Animal Kingdom
  • Material:     Plastic
  • Warning:     Not Suitable for children under 3 years

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Weight 97 g
Dimensions 15 × 4 × 7 cm


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