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Compose Yourself


Love the idea of creating music? Try this great music card game that lets you create melodies and then hear them played online by a real life orchestra.

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Start creating original music in minutes! Invented by composer and cellist, Philip Sheppard, Compose Yourself is a great music game for kids by Thinkfun. 60 transparent music cards are designed to be flipped, rotated and combined in hundreds of ways so that you can create your own 4-16 bar melodies. Once you’ve created your tune, enter the code in the online music making software on computer or tablet and hear it played by a real orchestra or on a marimba. Switch and flick your music cards until you’ve created your mini masterpiece, then download it as an mp3 file or as sheet music to print.

Recommended Ages: 8+

  • 60 Transparent Music Cards
  • Composer Code Card
  • Instructions with Composing Tips
  • Online Tools & Resources
  • Travel Bag

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