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Button Necklaces – Chewigem

The Chewigem button necklace is a stylish and sophisticated classic button disc shape in various colours; a robust sensory chew suitable for more aggressive chewers.

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This necklace is a classic button disc shape, stylish and sophisticated for any young child or teen, but also quite neutral and suitable for males, especially if you cut the cord length, or use a wrist lanyard (not supplied). Thicker at the edges and about 2 inches across, this is a robust chew suitable for more aggressive chewers. Various Colours.

Material: Silicone button and silky feeling cord
Recommended Age: 3+
Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months of age, due to long cord – strangulation risk.

Brand: Chewigem

Product Features Durability – 3, Flexibility – 1, Firmness – 3

Product Feature Guide
A 3 rating is the highest for each feature. A 3 rating in durability is the most durable, a 3 rating in firmness is the firmest product with little or no ‘give’, and a 3 rating for flexibility means the product is really bendy.

Chewing jewellery is designed for people who chew or bite, looking for oral sensory input. Suitable for children or adults who bite their nails, clothing or other products, it is particularly suited to children who may suffer from anxiety or have special needs, autism or ADHD. Chewellery is hard wearing, but will tear, break and dent in time. A child’s particular chewing style will determine the life of the chewellery; some people destroy them in a few days, others last 8 or 9 months. A mild-moderate chewer may get from 4-12 weeks from it.

Safety Information:

  • Adult supervision required. Check frequently for signs of wear and tear, disguard once damage is seen.
  • Once damaged, the necklace should be disguarded and replaced. The breakaway clasp and cord are NOT for chewing and are purely to hold the necklace in place., If you think your child will chew the clasp then this product is not suitable and you would be better with a bangle. It is strongly recommended not to pull on the cord HARD whilst the pendant is being chewed as this puts force on the stringing hole which is the weakest point of the necklace and could cause it to break.
  • The bespoke Breakaway clasp provides additional comfort and safety and is set to break apart at approximately 2.3kgs of pressure (5lbs)
  • Lead, latex, BPA, PVC and phthalate free. Silicone can withstand high and low temperatures and does not promote the growth of bacteria. Wash all items in a dishwasher, steriliser or hot soapy water.
  • All Chewigem Chewellery has a CE mark against the required Toy standards for bangles (a highly robust test), it has also had toxicity and bite tests. The silicone used is food safe, medical grade silicone approved and suitable for baby teethers.

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