chewipal toy strap - rainbow coloured
Chewipal Straps

A rainbow coloured chewable Toy Strap made of soft and flexible silicone. Use it to secure Chewigem Toys and Bangles to objects like belt loops, buggies and wheelchairs.

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Chewigem Toy Remote
Toy Remote – Chewigem

A soft, flexible, silicone, toy remote control designed for chewing. With raised buttons, just like on a real remote control, this is an excellent toy for sensory seekers.

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Chewigem Twister bangle glow-in-the-dark
Twister Bangle – Chewigem

These cute, child-sized twist effect bangles, from Chewigem, are great for sensory play and stimulation. The silicone is soft and flexible. Suitable for mild chewers.

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Chewigem necklace - blue marine dog tags
Dog Tags – Chewigem

This Chewigem necklace has a classic dog tag shape.  The dog tag has thicker edges, is thinner in the middle and is available in a variety of colours. Two dog tags are supplied on a cotton cord. The dog tag necklace is suitable for mild to moderate chewers.

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Chewigem Button Necklace - Heaton - Pink/Gold/White/Clear
Button Necklaces – Chewigem

The Chewigem button necklace is a stylish and sophisticated classic button disc shape in various colours; a robust sensory chew suitable for more aggressive chewers.

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Emotichew bangle green-red
Emotichew – Chewigem

The Emotichew bangle is a stylish, oral, green-red sensory chew that also functions as a discreet signal of how a person is feeling – available in child and adult sizes.

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