50cm Mega Globe Box
50cm Mega Globe

Explore the world with this mega-sized inflatable political globe. Includes educational game ideas for home and school.

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Who Knows Where? – The Ultimate Global Location Guessing Game

Feeling a bit geographically challenged?  Then this is the perfect game for you – if you don’t know the location then piggy-back an opponent, in case they are someone ‘Who Knows Where’ !

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Mapominoes Europe front of box
Mapominoes Europe

What’s your European geography like? Race your opponents to place your map dominoes down. Transit by train between Spain and Portugal, play Russia to open up the Baltic States, block them by hanging onto France or Germany – but be careful, as lovely as Lichtenstein or San Marino are, don’t get stuck there!

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Ticket to Ride Europe
Ticket to Ride – Europe

Ride across 1900s Europe on a grand train adventure, visiting great cities and collecting points along the way.

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Mini-Build-It-Titanic puzzle
Build It – 3D Mini Puzzle – Titanic

Build a great mini version of this ill-fated liner, the Titanic. Introduce children to 3D modelling with this great starter kit

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Siege Beast Catapult model
Siege Beast Catapult

Who says sitting at your desk has to be boring? This miniature mediaeval siege catapult is easy to assemble and great fun to fire – ATTACK!

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bring your own book game
Bring Your Own Book

Can you find the best secret password to a magical cave, or a line in a ransom note? Draw a category card, and try to find the most entertaining phrase from a book that’s around you. Can you find “a ridiculous tabloid headline” in that best-selling novel? Or “dating advice” in your well-worn cookbook? There’s limitless potential on every page. What book will you bring to the game?

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Contents of Compose Yourself Package
Compose Yourself

Love the idea of creating music? Try this great music card game that lets you create melodies and then hear them played online by a real life orchestra.

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Leonardo Da Vinci finger puppet
Magnetic Personalities – Leonardo da Vinci

Puppet or fridge magnet? – Pure Genius!
Get a magnetic personality!

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Sherlock Holmes Finger Puppet
Magnetic Personalities – Sherlock Holmes

What mysteries will you uncover with Sherlock Holmes?
Get a magnetic personality!

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Shakespeare finger puppet
Magnetic Personalities – William Shakespeare

“All the world's a stage and all the finger puppets merely players” (As You Like It – almost) and when you've finished your monologue he becomes a fridge magnet.
Get a magnetic personality!

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hieroglyphic alphabet fridge magnets
The Egyptian Hieroglyphic Alphabet – Magnet Set
(hieroglyphics “h-i”)


attach a bit of Egypt to your fridge with our wonderful magnetic hieroglyphic alphabet set

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Magnetic Poetry Original tin
Magnetic Poetry Kit – Original Edition

Are you the next William Shakespeare, Michael Rosen or Roald Dahl? Let your imagination soar to new heights and become a fridge poet!
Over 300 words and word tiles combine to make up your own messages and poems

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Shakespeare love quotations on a sheet of fridge magnets
Shakespeare’s Love – Magnet Set

“I do love nothing in the world as well as you. Is that not strange?” (Much Ado About Nothing)

Never be at a loss for sweet words with this set of 33 fridge magnets, each containing a love quotation from one of Shakespeare's plays.

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