Pony Club Lottie doll and pony
Pony Club Lottie

Lottie’s joined a pony club to help her learn how to look after her Welsh Mountain Pony Seren. Seren is cheeky, sometimes stubborn, but very kind and loyal and loves apples and baby carrots. Lottie loves grooming her and riding around the countryside.

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blue velvet dress and silver cardigan and ballet pumps for Lottie doll
Blue Velvet Outfit Set

It’s party season. Lottie loves her spectacular blue velvet-style party dress and has gone all silver sparkles with her cardigan and ballet pumps.

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Super Lottie doll clothes outfit
Super Lottie Outfit

Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You. It’s time for amazing adventures for Lottie in her superhero outfit.

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Autumn Leaves Lottie doll
Autumn Leaves Lottie

Lottie loves Autumn. Wrapped up warm she builds dens and kicks and crunches her way through the colourful piles of leaves in Harley Wood.

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Sirius - Welsh Mountain Pony
Sirius – The Welsh Mountain Pony

Saddle up! Sirius is Lottie’s adorable Welsh Mountain Pony who loves to be ridden out in the countryside.

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Kite Flyer Flinn
Kite Flyer Finn Boy Doll

Finn is excited about flying his kite at the Branksea Kite Festival. How high can it fly?

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Butterfly Protector Lottie

Lottie has found out that butterfly populations are in decline in the UK. In helping monitor and protect them she finds out that natural sciences are fun!

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Forest friend Lottie doll
Forest Friend Lottie

Lottie dreams of meeting forest fairies and joining their enchanting woodland adventures.

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Star gazer Lottie unboxed
Stargazer Lottie

It's a winter's night and Lottie is all wrapped up and ready for some stargazing through her telescope. Time to explore the beautiful night sky and learn about the star constellations and planets. If she is lucky she just might see a shooting star!

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Fossil Hunter Lottie
Fossil Hunter Lottie

What will palaeontologist Lottie find at Lincoln Cliffs? An ammonite, a bone from a prehistoric animal or perhaps even a whole dinosaur?

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Snow Queen Lottie Doll
Snow Queen Lottie

It's time for Lottie to go to the masked ball. She's dressed as the Snow Queen with a silver mask. Will her friends recognise her?

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English Country Garden Lottie doll
English Country Garden Lottie

Spring is in the air. Join Lottie outdoors, playing amongst the colourful flowers on Branksea Island, smelling the freshly cut grass and listening to the gentle buzzing of the bees.

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