Lottie Doll Picnic Set
Lottie Picnic Set

Enjoy a delicious picnic in the garden with Lottie!

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Lottie Doll dressed in Astronaut outfit
Lottie Astro Adventures Outfit Set

When the night skies are clear, Lottie loves to gaze at the beautiful stars with her best friends, Mia and Finn. And sometimes, especially when they spot a shooting star, she remembers what it was like to be an astronaut in real-life when she visited the International Space Station in 2015 with Tim Peake.

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Brownie Lottie Doll
Brownie Lottie

I just love being a Branksea Island Brownie and we’re about to have the most amazing adventure ever! Because, next weekend, we’re going on a camping trip. Woohoo! They’ll be lots of new activities for us all try try. I’m the tiniest bit nervous about canoeing  but I’ll have my best friend Mia with me so I know that it will be lots of fun, too!

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Lottie Raspberry Ripple Outfit Set
Lottie Raspberry Ripple Outfit Set

It’s raspberry season again! Lottie enjoys going outside to pick plump and juicy raspberries straight from the bushes. It’s messy work, but worth it! Lottie looks forward to making homemade jam and raspberry ripple ice cream with the fruit she has picked and enjoying the sweet taste of Summer all year round. Delicious!

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Super Lottie doll clothes outfit
Super Lottie Outfit

Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You. It’s time for amazing adventures for Lottie in her superhero outfit.

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Kite Flyer Flinn
Kite Flyer Finn Boy Doll

Finn is excited about flying his kite at the Branksea Kite Festival. How high can it fly?

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Star gazer Lottie unboxed
Stargazer Lottie

It's a winter's night and Lottie is all wrapped up and ready for some stargazing through her telescope. Time to explore the beautiful night sky and learn about the star constellations and planets. If she is lucky she just might see a shooting star!

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Fossil Hunter Lottie
Fossil Hunter Lottie

What will palaeontologist Lottie find at Lincoln Cliffs? An ammonite, a bone from a prehistoric animal or perhaps even a whole dinosaur?

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