Quoridor Mini

This is an “amaze-ing” strategy game. Race your opponent(s) across the board, placing fences to create a labyrinth that will slow your opponent(s)

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Pylos game
Pylos Mini

With simple rules, quick rounds and subtle tactics, be the last to place the marble at the very top of the pyramid

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Quixo Mini Box
Quixo Mini

Line up 5 in a row – in a game where every move changes all the lines on the board! A great variation on the classic Noughts and Crosses

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Quarto board game and box
Quarto Mini

Want to boggle your mind?
This game sounds easy – each piece has 4 different attributes, all you have to do is line up four pieces with the same attribute (size – colour – shape – or with an indentation on the top). The catch with this diabolical strategy game for two players is that your opponent gets to pick your pieces and vice-versa!

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