Cartoon by Classical Music Mode showing someone composing by rolling dice and copying notes off the face of the dice
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Music, Roll a Story and Our Latest Thinking Putty!

Contents of Compose Yourself PackageOur great header cartoon from facebook page Classical Music Mode reminded me just a little of Thinkfun’s lovely Compose Yourself music card game. Of course Compose Yourself is much more sophisticated than this and there is very little luck involved. Invented by composer and cellist Phillip Shephard, the 60 transparent score cards contain musical phrases which are designed to be flipped, rotated and combined in hundreds of ways so that you can create your own 4-16 bar melodies.

Once you’ve created your tune, enter the code into the online music making software on the computer or on a tablet and hear it played by a real orchestra or on a marimba. Switch and flick your music cards around until you’ve created your mini masterpiece, then download it as an mp3 file or as sheet music to print. A brilliant gift to help develop your child’s (or your own!) composing abilities.

Rory's Story Cubes - EnchantedIf, however, you are looking for a game to play based on a roll of the dice then why not try Rory’s Story Cubes? Roll the 9 dice, check out the face-up pictograms and connect them with some fantastic storytelling. These story cubes are great as an icebreaker at a party or to kick-start your child’s imagination (and yours!). Themed “Mix” packs enable you to change the story from a general to a themed story – anything from Mythic Legends to Doctor Who! What a tale you can tell, or write, or draw, with this fun, non-competitive game for all ages. Just add limitless imagination.

Musical Domino SetWant more fun with Music? Feel in need of a little challenge? Our Musical Dominoes offer you both. Can you identify the rest, or notes and match them? Test your knowledge of music notation with this variation on the traditional game of dominoes.

Crazy Aaron's Sweet Heart Thinking Putty“Let me call you Sweetheart, I’m in love with you” – this song sprang immediately to mind when I saw the latest putty from Crazy Aaron. Launched as the 2018 Valentine Putty, Sweet Heart is a charming new colour changer, it starts as an iridescent candy pink hue that warms to a light blush with just the heat of your hands. Like all Crazy Aaron’s Holiday Putty’s this is a limited edition, so get it while you can.

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