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London Toy Fair 2018

The rush of Christmas sales are over and it’s time for retailers to have a little fun! The London Toy Fair is the UK’s largest dedicated toy, game and hobby trade show and takes place in January. With more than 270 companies exhibiting we set out to find some great new products to bring you during the year and to touch base with some of our regular suppliers.

Pokemon decorated steps at London Olympia Toy Fair 2018
Arriving at Olympia we entered a world of Pokemon – very clever marketing in the entranceway, up to and including Pokemon pictures on the steps up into the hall. Having gone through security and collected our Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon lanyards it was time to start working out how to tackle the stands.

London Olympia Toy Fair 2018As you can see – there are a lot of stands and they don’t quite line up completely in straight lines so you can guarantee that we miss a few!

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Stand at Toy Fair 2018

One area always worth visiting is the GreenHouse area – this is a section of small stands where newer products demonstrate. Two years ago this was where we found Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty – this American putty, which we love, was just being introduced to the UK then; now it is an established brand with a large following for the quality and innovation of its product, and yes, we still love playing with the putty!

Young Thinkers Guild at the Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Stand at the London Toy Fair

We also love our games; Exploding Kittens, for example, was our family game at Christmas and often when we get home in the evening my daughter grabs the box and insists on a quick game. In self-defence we will be finding some great new games to introduce this year!

Games at the Asmodee Stand, London Toy Fair 2018

One of the frustrating things about the London Toy Fair is seeing so many fantastic products and knowing that some of them won’t be available for several months – Stikbots for example are one of those – they have some fantastic new pets coming in the Stikbot range, a refreshment of the colours of Stikbot men and dinosaurs – and not having been launched completely yet, I can’t show you a picture! The same suppliers are also sources of our lovely Original Glowstars Company products and with a fantastic display on the day we were finally able to get some photos which do justice to the range.

Original Glow Company glow stars and planets

Having had a taster of some of the products and potential trends, in another week we will be off to Spring Fair at NEC Birmingham, checking out different suppliers and catching some of those we missed this week!

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