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Great Time at The “Be Curious Weekend”

Many thanks to children’s charity, Potential Plus UK. Over the bank holiday weekend they hosted a “Be Curious Weekend” at Beaumanor Hall near Loughborough and invited us to run a stall at their event.

Beaumanor Hall is an impressive redbrick Victorian country manor that runs education and outdoor activities.  On Saturday morning, car laden, we swept up the drive and through into the courtyard and set up in what was a former stable block – now an education classroom. Throughout the two days – through sunshine, wind, rain, hailstones, rain and sunshine (and that was just in one half hour period) – we vicariously enjoyed the families taking part in sessions that included being a Celt (coming back covered in blue ‘wode’), building bridges across the streams – only one child went into the water and that kid had jumped in rather than fell! –  and being at school with a cane wielding Victorian schoolmaster.

Working with Potential Plus UK is really special, their members love the kind of products that form our core list – products that promote enjoyment and learning at the same time – they are also great board game playing families and we always come away from an event like this with lists of new games to investigate!

Many thanks everyone for a great weekend.



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