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2017 Advent Calendar of Fascinating Websites – Day 3 – Napflix.tv



It’s time to count some sheep – literally!

Having trouble getting to sleep? Current theory believes that the human body is extra sensitive to the shorter wavelengths of blue light, emitted by electronic devices such as computers, tablets and phones. Blue light inhibits the production of melatonin which naturally builds in the evening to help you relax and sleep. The result is that you may be dreadfully tired but alert and unable to sleep. For people with this sensitivity, especially children, it is important to switch off the electronic devices with plenty of time to wind down.

For other people though the opposite is true. They find that putting on a video, or music, or some form of white noise helps them to relax. It was this concept that inspired Napflix.

Napflix is a Siesta TV station. Its creators were inspired to come up with it after realising that watching really boring television helped them to slow and settle to sleep. From this came the idea of setting up a channel devoted to showing the slowest, least stimulating tv on YouTube; curating boredom in one place.

Content is placed under different categories – sports, documentaries, music, education, videogames, relaxation, religion and autonomous sensory meridian response. However one person’s boredom is another person’s area of interest, which is why this website can be so fascinating. Perhaps you’re not going to want to watch a crossword competition or a Swiss Chalet rotisserie, but you might want to learn Klingon, hear astronomer Carl Sagan’s talks (I loved his work but do find him very soporific) or cosy up for a couple of hours watching the flickering flames of a fire, or a tropical beach, or the aurora borealis
…and then there are counting sheep, like in this video by Paul Dinning.


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