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2017 Advent Calendar of Fascinating Websites – Day 23 – Time for a Break

Can’t face the Wrapping?

Well we have reached Day 23, the Eve of Christmas Eve as my daughter calls it.  Have you found all your presents yet? Fought the crowds in the supermarket at 8.00 a.m.? (yes that was me today).  If you are at the frazzled stage, perhaps you need to sit back and enjoy a little nothingness for a while. If you haven’t got a few hours to enjoy the delights of slow TV that we introduced you to on Day 3, how about a couple of minutes break before you start all the wrapping?

Do Nothing for 2 Minutes  Is a site that offers a photo of a beautiful tropical beach, the sound of the sussuration of the sea and complete stillness for 2 minutes.

Calm now?  Ready for a challenge?

Sporcle.com  time to try a little quiz or two…or three…or four…  Whether you want to show off your knowledge of My Little Pony or match iconic cars to their 1950s description, there’s a quiz for you on Sporcle – or if there isn’t then you can set one – this is a site to make or take quizzes that millions of people have used – it is very addictive!

Cursors.io  is a maze game played with/against other online multiplayers. Cursors are operated by players from all over the world. As you progress through the mazes someone has to hold open the gates, will it be you or one of your opponents?

Looking for a little linguistic fun?

In Day 21 we featured a video by A Capella Science which starred  Malinda Kathleen Rees. She has her own Music for Nerds YouTube channel where on a weekly basis she poses the question – what do songs sound like once they have been back and forth through Google Translate?

Our header video is Frozen, in all its Google glory. If you need to check out the original lyrics (what do you mean you don’t know it all off by heart?) we have the original video on Day 11

It just shows you should never trust Google Translate with anything important. Time to get back to that wrapping!

Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

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